Posted by: jessiescrazyland | June 12, 2010

the only one awake

so boyfriend tells me 30 mins b4 our house guest got here last night, that he was coming…i love surprises. so they stayed up all night and now im up having coffee trying not to wake the snoring log on my couch. i apparently missed the poker game as well 😦   though zanax sleep is some of the best so i can not be to upset.

tunica count down 15 days… it’s going to be my first real vacation even if its only a one night stay.  the girls and i are uber excited. “im looking for the loose slots” will probably be said way more times than it should. although one of the girls is most excited about the paula dean buffet. this girl is petite and skinny and im sure she’s going to out eat all of us. its been said she could eat more than 5 plates at a buffet, i cannot wait to see this happen. it will be a most fantastic birthday celebration. 3 of the 4 of us are june birthdays and thus crazy geminis. ok time to find something else to do coffee kicking in, boredom increasing.


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