Posted by: jessiescrazyland | June 11, 2010


so now that lost is over i can rejoin the world. i was only getting online to check darkufo.blogspot (my favorite lost info site). i spent the past 2 weeks pouring over jorge garcias blog…and sidekick22s hehe they are just too cute. anyway it reminded me that i once did the whole blog thing on livejournal forever ago, and i missed it. its not that i need people to read what im saying its that i need a place to vent or just have something to focus on. so i cant promise they will be entertaining, nor grammatically correct, also the shift key and i do not get along. ill try and get with the technology that most of my generation has absorbed while i was theorizing lost, you know the whole putting pics and videos in. hell i cant even figure out how to resize pics from my phone (they are gigantic). so all that coming soon. other things to look forward too…i work at a liquor store so i see some of the biggest dummehs out there, im sure stories will work thier way onto here. 🙂


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